2020-07-13 08:13:26 (M5.2) south of the Kermadec Islands -33.3 -177.8 (4aa80)

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Subject: 2020-07-13 08:13:26 (M5.2) south of the Kermadec Islands -33.3 -177.8 (4aa80)
Date: July 13th 2020

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Event type:                       Earthquake 
Region:                           south of the Kermadec Islands
Geographic coordinates:           33.327S, 177.843W
Magnitude:                        5.2
Depth:                            10 km
Universal Time (UTC):             13 Jul 2020  08:13:26
Time near the Epicenter:          12 Jul 2020  20:13:26

Local standard time in your area: 13 Jul 2020 18:13:26

Location with respect to nearby cities: 681.2 km (422.3 mi) NE of Opotiki, New Zealand 695.1 km (431.0 mi) NE of Whakatane, New Zealand 699.5 km (433.7 mi) NNE of Gisborne, New Zealand 727.2 km (450.9 mi) NE of Tauranga, New Zealand 755.4 km (468.3 mi) NE of Rotorua, New Zealand


event ID : us 7000amnb

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