Date: December 8th 2009

Esteemed ooTunesers,

Since I've had about 50 emails about the update not downloading correctly (download it, but version 2 6 still shows, etc ) I'm attaching here a brief warning Apple's servers app update system doesn't always update as fast as they should (or something like that, they've never confessed to the problem or given any information to help that I've seen, surprisingly ;) so I believe after a few more hours (or days?) the updates should work for everyone This IS a free update, if you're unable to download it, just be patient and try again later

You can add your voice to the apple help forums here:

http://discussions apple com/thread jspa?messageID=10693197

With more reports of these problems
Sorry for 2 emails in one day, Steve ooTunes Nerd

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