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ooTunes version 3.2.0 hits the app store...

Version 3.2.0 of the ooTunes Radio app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is now available!!!

The free update will show up in the "updates" tab within the blue "App Store" app on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, or Get it now!

There are a lot of bug fixes and improvements in this update.

This update adds several more iOS4 goodies such as support for the "remote control" and "lock screen" controls and the audio dock, as well as hi-resolution icons/etc. for the iPhone 4's retina screen. And now with support for nearly 25,000 streams and growing every day...
Here's a list of major changes/enhancements:

The following are improvements when streaming from the ooTunes Server (though many apply when listening to Live Music Archive or Podcasts in the ooTunes app):

If you have any suggestions, etc. just contact me here please, or from the app's help menus. Full iPad optimized Universal version coming next....


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