January 31, 2023

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Cheneso Floods Madagascar Cheneso Floods Madagascar

Heavy rain from the tropical cyclone triggered flash floods and landslides along the island nation's northwestern coast.

Wintry Dunes on Earth and Mars Wintry Dunes on Earth and Mars

Dunes on both planets occasionally get blanketed with ice and snow—except on Earth the white stuff is frozen water and on Mars it's often frozen carbon dioxide.

Chile's Villarrica Sputters Chile's Villarrica Sputters

An astronaut on the International Space Station captured this photograph of minor explosions from one of Chile's most active volcanoes.

Eighty Mile Beach Eighty Mile Beach

This stretch of coastline in Western Australia is a popular recreational site for people and an important stopover site for migratory birds.

Antarctic Iceberg on the Move Antarctic Iceberg on the Move

After breaking from the Brunt Ice Shelf, Iceberg A-81 and other pieces of ice drift south with the Weddell Gyre.

Shrinking Lake Abert Shrinking Lake Abert

As the lake in southern Oregon dries up, the remaining water is becoming too salty to support key food sources for birds.

Midwest Farmers Using Cover Crops Take Small Yield Hit Midwest Farmers Using Cover Crops Take Small Yield Hit

Although cover crops have significant environmental benefits, researchers found that they hinder yields on corn and soybean fields.

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A view of airplane wing over Alaska forest and river G-LiHT Goes to Alaska

January 26, 2023
In summer 2022, Goddard’s LiDAR, Hyperspectral, & Thermal Imager (G-LiHT) team made flights from Kodiak and Anchorage with an airborne instrument designed to map forested landscapes.