Posted By: Stan White Blocking off the back brakes - Mon 09 Apr 2001 06:03:PM
Some people just put a pair of vice grips on the rubber hose near the diff, This is not a good move as some fluid will still leak past. end result is your back brakes are locked on and you have your disks glowing red.<P>I have a line lock on my car, throw the switch and no back brakes []images/icons/default/grin.gif" border="0[/] another simple way id to put a small ball bearing or counter sunk screw in the brake line just before the rear tee peice. Only draw back is that you may have to bleed the brakes later when you take the ball/screw out []images/icons/default/frown.gif" border="0[/]<P>Cheers,<P><BR>Stan.
Posted By: frankfly Re: Blocking off the back brakes - Tue 17 Apr 2001 07:34:AM
Stan my man,<P>some of these suggestions are illegal, dare I say dangerous even!!<P>How about visiting a good speedway shop and purchasing a variable brake proportioning valve. You can mount it next to the driver seat and adjust front/rear brake bias at the turn of a knob..<P>Works wonders in front heavy V8 Chargers...<P>Still probally illegal on a street car, but a lot more safe than self tapers in the brake line....<P>cheers frank
Posted By: Stan White Re: Blocking off the back brakes - Tue 17 Apr 2001 10:32:PM
Frankfly:<P>Yes you are 100% correct, However I couldn't see anyone silly enough to run around the streets with a pair of vice grips on their brake line or other method to block off the back brakes []images/icons/default/grin.gif" border="0[/]<P>The above methods are tempory while doing burnouts on a legal burnout pad. I do not recommand that anyone does burnouts on the street, you risk getting your car taken off you and sold at auction by the Police.<P>A variable brake proportioning valve system is not suitable for burnouts, even though you bias all the brakes to the front, the rear will still drag, 90 seconds of draging with your motor under full song will have you with a pretty nice set of cherry red disks or drums and mabe fried pads []images/icons/default/wink.gif" border="0[/]<P>Cheers,<P>Stan.
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