The most
popular and beloved role-playing adventure of the Nintendo francizes, The Legend of Zelda. Armed, to start, with only a sword and a shield Link, the epic
hero, has been awing Zelda lovers since Nintendo first released The Legend of
Zelda in 1987. The Zelda games have become extremely popular and the only real
weapons that Link poses are a sword and a shield.

Zelda, is a
Princess in which the franchise is named after, its hero is Link. Together him
and Zelda must defeat Ganon and save the Land of Hyrule. Link is armed mainly
with only a sword and shield to get him through the games. Though he does carry
other weapons and items, his main fit is with his sword.

As the
franchise has built the sword and shield that Link carries has become much
stronger throughout the franchise, as the enemies have become stronger and more
developed. He has special sword attacks that have helped to enhance its
technique and make it easier and quicker for Link to defeat enemies. When Link
is at full health his sword shoots out powerful beams used to destroy enemies
from a distance. Then, of course, there is the famous Link spin attack, which
allows him to destroy many enemies at once.

Every master
swordsman needs a shield as well. Though the first shield that Link normally
receives is bare minimum and only by upgrading your shield can you truly
protect yourself. His shield also holds powers that help protect him in his
fight against Ganon.

When the
Zelda games start off, though, he begins with a regular sword that is received
from someone or somewhere. In Link to the Past it was his father that gave him
his first sword and shield. In (probably the most popular Zelda game still to
date) Ocarina of Time Link found his sword in the woods of the forest where he
grew up. And in A Link between Worlds he gets his sword from a blacksmith.

The Master
Sword is usually inside the Temple of Time (except in A Link to the Past, where
it is found in the forest) and no matter how decrypted the Temple becomes the
Master Sword remains protected until the Hero of Time (Link) raises it from the
pedestal in which it sits. The Master Sword is also the only weapon that is
capable of defeating Ganondorf and his demonic form of Ganon.

shield, in most games, is bought with Rupees at the beginning. Though you are
capable of defending yourself from some enemy attacks the first shield Link
receives holds no special powers. As a matter of fact in most of the games it’s
made of wood and catches fire pretty easily. The further you get in the games
not only can you upgrade your sword but your shield as well. In Ocarina of
Time, Link receives a third shield, called the Mirror Shield which actually
reflects magical spells or a beam of light to open up doors in temples. In Link
to the Past the Mirror shield can block beams and reflect attacks that his
other two shields cannot.

In most of
the Zelda games there are a least three different shields and three different
swords that Link can get, each one better than the next and each one holding
its own special powers. It’s Link’s main way of survival in his fight against
evil. Without his sword and shield he would be unable to save the land of
Hyrule and Princess Zelda.

Source: All Zelda Needed Was a Sword and Shield