Sources reveal that the Pine Rivers Shire Council received at least 10 applications for the future management of Lakeside International Raceway before their Expression of Interest (EOI) closed on the 31st of January.<br /><br />"Even though the council's EOI document highlighted its apparent motorsport naivety and scared off some investors, we are very pleased that so many were still prepared to have a go in good faith," said Lakeside Motor Racing Enthusiasts president Ian Milton.<br /><br />Lakeside Motor Racing Enthusiasts has provided assistance to a number of bona fide applicants. Quality EOI applications came from local community groups, motor sporting bodies and private enterprise.<br /><br />"Every applicant we talked to acknowledges that the commercial reality of the situation dictates Lakeside must be operated primarily as a club-level motor racing circuit," said Mr Milton.<br /><br />The PRSC were obligated to perform the EOI under their agreement with the Queensland Heritage Council, however, they are not required to make any decisions regarding the EOI or take the process to tender.<br /><br />Lakeside Motor Racing Enthusiasts' charter does not allow the organisation to seek the future management rights or ownership of the circuit, but it is willing to provide assistance to others who are seeking the return of club-level motor racing to Lakeside.<br /><br /><br />In closing, during the summer break, LMRE received a very supportive letter from one of Australia's national sporting legends - Peter Brock.<br /><br /><br />"I believe it is imperative that Lakeside Raceway remains as a motor sport recreational facility. There are now many more people who desire and need to enjoy these dedicated facilities. <br /><br />Obviously there is an argument for pure, elite level motor sport to be able to use this character building track - it does produce more skilled drivers and riders than Ipswich due to the undulating and flowing nature of the circuit. Drivers and riders who can then compete with success internationally. <br /><br />However there is a compelling argument that people today - more than ever - need recreation to provide a healthy outlet which enables them to cope with the restrictions and stresses of modern day living. Despite the best hopes of politicians, law enforcement agencies, bureaucrats and authorities in general, there is an increase in depression, suicide, drug taking etc. This is common knowledge. The more sedentary society ( particularly youth ) becomes, the more need there is to promote healthy recreation, which means channelling their energy into an area where it does not impact on the unwary and innocent. <br /><br />Don't ban it, use it as an educational tool and help create a healthier, happier and more productive society. <br /><br />Lakeside Raceway can provide an idea means to achieve this.<br /><br />I strongly advocate that Lakeside Raceway remains operational and accessible to motoring enthusiasts and as an educational facility for young drivers."<br /><br />Peter Brock. AM. <br /><br /><br />LMRE wishes to thank Mr Brock for his valuable time and support.