It was a great night tonight at the burnouts, Brett Stevens came along with his burnout car, Shame though as he kicked out a conrod while just doing a small demo on the pad, The blower belt also broke.<P>All was not lost, Brett decided to bring out his drag car for a bit of a go alongtthe go to woa track, All up he did 4 short burnouts, not a lot of smoke off the tires though and the track was a bit dusty The Drag car is a fair bit louder then the burnout car, the crowd ejoyed, esp. the chick that got picked out of the crowd to have a ride <P>Brett was suffering from a bad back, he recently fell off his Bike at 180MPH at a drag event. 1st I heard about it !!<P>This is also the reason he didn't bring out his Bike for a burn out, He claimed he had trouble getting off the bike last night at Eastern Creek.<P>Top Effort anyway Brett.<P>The competition between Sydney and Newcastle drivers was quit hot, as was the ford vs holden. The field was quiet strong with many good cars. A Blown XW ford did the best burnout of the night.<P>Due to time restrictions the top 10 didn't get to run Due to many hold ups with the Compact Speed cars and Formula 500 cars, Although the racing with them was very close and action filled.<P>Holden and Ford tied for 1st place with a score of 9.97<P>The Guy in the Ford (Forgot his name) came From Sydney and Last Night won the burnouts at Eastern Cheek. Very solid Ford XD with a sweet sounding 351 clevo.