Having a tactical
is having a multi-purpose tool that’s both convenient and protective,
making it a highly covetable item. We
all know the benefits of traveling with knives as they come in handy throughout
the day. Those who like to spend a lot
of time outdoors benefit the most from having a tactical knife as it allows
them to do everything from sharpen wood to prepare food.

If you own a tactical knife, we’re here to help you
sharpen your skills. After all, it’s a
pretty dangerous weapon if you don’t know how to use it properly. And, as we’re sure you’re aware, there are
lots of amazing things that you can do with it once you have those skills in

What is a Tactical Knife?

A tactical knife does not refer to a single design,
but it simply refers to a multi-purpose fixed-blade knife with a generously
sized handle made for easy gripping.
It’s been used in military environments for decades, but in the 1990s,
it became a more popular commercial product than ever before. In fact, the term “tactical knife” didn’t
really exist before the 1990s.

A tactical knife has many defining
characteristics. One is its sharp and
slim blade that is within a certain size range.
Another is its handle that has a unique pattern in order to ensure a
very easy grip. This knife is designed
to be relatively easy to use and safe to store, hence the ergonomic design.

A tactical knife is also unique in that it’s specially
made for a wide variety of purposes.
It’s designed to be a multi-functional knife, meaning that it aims to be
the only knife that you’ll ever need to carry due to the many tasks that it can
execute with ease. Tactical knives can
be used to open boxes, cut through cloth, carve wood, cut through plastic
closures and, of course, serve as a means of self-defense.

How Can One Become More Skilled at Using a
Tactical Knife?

Now, if you’ve never used a tactical knife before,
it’s important to figure out the best way to handle it so that you can let it
fulfill its many functions. Luckily,
there are some simple exercises that can help you sharpen those skills quickly
so that you can easily use your knife when a situation arises.

One thing that’s very helpful is learning how to use
it to cut rope. As we know, rope has
dense, thick fibers, meaning that it’s not very easy to cut through
quickly. But, with a tactical knife,
it’s most definitely possible.
Practicing cutting rope using a tactical knife is a great way to prepare
yourself for any other types of fibers that you may need to cut through in case
of an emergency at a later time.

Additionally, we suggest using a tree as target
practice. First, use the tactical knife
to make a cut in the bark. We suggest
doing this using a forward-leaning motion and cutting head on. Then, try to make a cut in the exact same
place. Repeat this over and over again
until you feel like your skills are improving.

Lastly, we suggest carrying your tactical knife
whenever possible. This way, when
something needs to be cut, you can use it.
Using it regularly is the best way to get a good feel of how to grip it
properly and how much pressure you should apply depending on the material that
you’re trying to cut.

Safety First

Of course, a tactical knife is a weapon of
combat. This means that you must be
extremely careful when using it and carrying it. If you can’t use it responsibility, you
shouldn’t own one.

Quality Matters

Lastly, it’s important to purchase a high-quality
knife. Not only is a high-quality
tactical knife more efficient, but it’s also safer.

A Tactical Knife is a Very Useful Tool…

But knowing how to
use it is just as important as selecting the right one. Without the proper skills, you could
definitely hurt yourself and those around you.
Use this guide to get those skills nice and sharp so that you can make
the most of this multi-tasking tool.

Source: Sharpening Your Tactical Knife Skills