The Many Functions of Ito Cord Wraps for Swords

The traditional Ito cord wraps that are so often paired with collectibleJapanese swords are a cultural image with a long history, which have become increasingly popular over the years. Though they are certainly distinctive and aesthetically pleasing, with their intricate wrapping patterns and infinite color combinations, these iconic cords serve more purposes than simple decoration.

Reinforcement of the Tsuka

The tsuka, or hilt, of swords such as katanas are often sleek and narrow. The silk or leather Ito cord wraps can give additional strength to the handle by reinforcing it throughout and giving it more substance. The patterns used to wrap the handle are designed to distribute stress on the tsuka evenly, preventing too much shock being taken to any one part of the hilt.

Superior Grip

Adding Ito wrappings to the handle of your sword can also greatly increase traction and grip. Where a simple metal, or even wooden, handle might easily slip out of the hand, adding cording to it ensures a firm hold.

For this reason, particularly, leather Ito wraps have a reputation. Besides giving it a more hardened, adventurer-gear appearance, leather wraps serve the very practical function of giving anyone using the sword a firm grip at all times.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, Ito cord wraps do serve an important aesthetic function. Japanese swords have a long tradition of intricate wrappings on their hilts, to protect from damage, add functionality, and reinforce. But they are also iconic, with representations in popular culture and history alike.

Since there are infinite colors to choose from when adding a wrapping, and variations in pattern as well, Ito cord wraps are an excellent way to pay homage to your sword's history while making it truly unique among its contemporaries. These wrappings will bring authenticity and an original look simultaneously to your blade.

Source: Ito Cord Wraps Serve Many Purposes for Swords