If you are looking for something to add to your sword
collection, we have exactly what you need at Sword N Armory. Our extensive selection of Japanese sword
sets provides you with a variety of swords that can all be purchased at once,
instantly extending your collection to an impressive size. Great for display and for use, these swords
come from top-of-the-line swordsmiths and are 100% historically accurate.

Brief Background

Samurai are famous for carrying a katana and short
sword in their belt, whether walking through the streets or in battle. The right to wear two swords became a status
symbol of those who belonged to the samurai class. Sword N Armory’s selection of
Japanese sword sets
contains all the status and elegance of samurai

Why Should You Purchase a Japanese Sword Set?

Let’s go over the reasons for adding a Japanese sword
set to your collection, whether you’re a beginner collector or someone who has
been growing their collection for many years.

Historical Cohesiveness

Japanese sword sets make it easy for you to have a
historically cohesive collection, meaning that all of the swords in each set
are historically compatible. An example
is the Classic Japanese Katana Sword Set, which consists of several types of
katana swords that each would have been used by the same ninja in their
historical time period. This means that
you don’t need to research which swords complement each other but allow the set
to simply provide them all to you. Also,
they’re all designed as part of a set, so they complement each other
aesthetically as well.

Exceptional Quality

These Japanese sword sets are made with high-quality,
historically accurate materials that are designed to last for a long time. They are easy to maintain and will provide a
beautiful visual element for years to come.
They can withstand regular use, and the materials look exceptional even
from a distance.

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic value that Japanese swords add to your
collection cannot be overlooked.
Japanese swords have a unique style that makes them beautiful works of
art, and simply admiring them will bring endless amounts of joy to the
collector. We recommend that you look
through all of the different ones that are available to see which colors,
finishes and overall styles are out there, to choose one that suits your needs.


It is always good to have a diverse array of swords as
a collector, especially if you are a fan of different styles and different
periods in history. Adding Japanese
swords to your collection can bring the diversity that has been lacking,
balancing out the other swords that you have on display with something new and


These swords are designed to be on display, and while
they can be used if desired just as efficiently, they have design elements that
make them gorgeous to look at while on a wall or stand. With the cohesive design between each piece
in a single collection, they look great stacked on top of each other on a wall,
or in a glass case, on small stands that allow them to be staggered so that you
can see the details of each and every one, all at once. The possibilities are endless.


Buying a set of Japanese swords allows you to save
some money, because buying them together as a set ends up costing you less than
buying them individually. We know that
sword collecting can be an expensive hobby, so the value of a set is something
that appeals to many. Many sets
available consist of four swords, each one at a far lower price than on its
own. Therefore, buying Japanese swords
as a set, if you’re already interested in collecting these types of weapons, is
a very intelligent choice.

Intricate Details

Many of these sword sets feature intricate detail work
that is rarely seen on other types of swords, which can add a lot to your
overall collection that you have on display.
You will be dazzled by the beautiful designs and carvings that are
unique to Japanese swords, which bring us back to a time when these little
details were commonplace before mass production swept across the world. They make great conversation pieces, and tell
stories of times centuries ago when Japanese swordsmen felt a sense of honor when
they received these beautiful works of art.

The Japanese Sword Sets at Sword n Armory

At Sword n Armory, we offer a wide array of Japanese
sword sets that are hard to find elsewhere.
Each set contains several swords of the same overall style, which means
that whether you’re a fan of katanas or samurais, you’ll be able to grab
exactly what you’re looking for. We
offer individual sword models rarely found on the market, which add rarity to
your collection that instantly adds value.
The swords are all durable, resilient and high in quality, and can be
displayed easily throughout the home or used for reenactment purposes.

We also aim to make our Japanese sword sets affordable
by working directly with manufacturers to keep costs down. This way, adding a set to your collection is
not the kind of investment that will blow any budgets. You will be able to grab multiple sets if you
wish, without breaking the bank, which can fill up any display shelf instantly.

Simply, overall, the Japanese sword sets at Sword n
Armory add tremendous value to your existing sword collection, bringing the
beautiful weapons of Japan to your prized variety on display. With beautiful details, exceptional accuracy,
and high-end materials, they are pieces worthy of bragging rights, and add
diversity to what you already have.

Check out the sets
that we offer, which have something for every lover of Japanese swords.

Source: A Japanese Sword Set Makes for the Perfect Addition to Any Collection