We can all see clearly in our heads the image of a
relative skinning an apple with a knife, without breaking the peel during the
process. There is something about this
method of peeling an apple that makes us feel more connected to previous generations
and gives us a feeling of self-sufficiency that helps us embrace our more
rugged origins.

While there are various ways to peel an apple nowadays
that do not require nearly as much effort, there are still people who wish to
develop this skill.

What’s the Purpose of Skinning an Apple with a Tactical Knife?

Surely, a lot of people have no problem eating the
peel of an apple, and besides that, we have all kinds of peeling mechanisms
nowadays that can do the hard work for us.
But, skinning an apple with a tactical knife without breaking the peel is a
sign that we can use our knife properly, and it’s a skill that looks impressive
when we show it off to others. Even when
we’re all alone, there’s something deeply satisfying about seeing that single
peel slowly roll off the apple.

It’s an old-world skill without a doubt, and there is
a lot of people out there who appreciate these skills and want to keep them
alive. Many of us have sentimental
attachments to this skill as well, as we have seen our grandfathers, fathers
and uncles do it in front of the family.

What You’ll Need:

If you wish to skin an apple with your trusty tactical
knife, we’re here to walk you through the process. First, let’s cover the supplies you’ll need.

A Tactical Knife:

You’ll want to have a tactical knife with a solid
grip, and more importantly, a sharp blade.
The sharper blade, the more precise the cut, and the less likely you are
to break the peel. It should be a
tactical knife that is small in size so that you can easily adjust it to suit
the curves of the apple.

An Apple:

Any variety will do, and apples that are ripe are
easier to work with as the peel is more willing to come off. An apple that’s slightly overripe is even
better, for the same reason.

The Process

First, let’s mention that there is one way to cheat,
and it’s by flash-boiling and shocking the apple. You can throw it into boiling water for 30
seconds, followed by 30 seconds in an ice bath.
This will separate the membranes so that the peel is already prepared to
come off with ease. But we recognize
that many of you want to do it the real way.

Grab your knife in the hand that you write with, and
the apple in the other. Hold the apple
out in front of you, on its side. Make a
very minor incision with the side of your blade, toward the top where it’s the
narrowest and most easy to maneuver, so that it’s parallel with the stem on top
of the apple. Keep the knife at about a 20-degree
angle as you rotate the apple all the way around, slightly nudging it along the
way so that the apple is working its way up rather than the blade.

If your peel breaks the first few times, that’s okay,
and expected. You need to make subtle
compensations throughout the process for when the peel becomes slightly thicker
or tinner, as the peel is rarely the exact same thickness throughout the whole

Practice Makes Perfect

Now, remember that this is not a skill you’ll likely
master overnight. If you’re a fan of
apples, practicing shouldn’t require much coaxing. Over time, you’ll get the hang of it with
muscle memory.

While it’s not the only way to peel an apple, skinning
with a tactical knife is a unique skill as well as a hobby. By practicing the steps above, you will be
able to show off this trick to your friends in no time. And, if you decide to cheat a bit by pre-boiling
and shocking the apple, your secret will be safe with us.

Source: The Art of Skinning an Apple with a Tactical Knife