Just as gamers want their laptops to run Crysis, creators want their laptops to run Adobe Creative Cloud without a hitch. The choice was easy when Intel dominated mobile CPUs, but AMD’s Ryzen is a formidable up-and-comer now. Does it matter which one your laptop runs? We decided to run Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere through two benchmark suites to see which mobile CPU performs best. 

What follows is a raft of charts, and they’re well worth perusing if you care about the nuances of application performance. But if you want to jump to the test that interests you most, or skip directly to the conclusion, use the handy hotlinks below. 

The benchmarks: Procyon and Pugetbench

The first suite, and the “new kid” on the benchmark block, is UL’s Procyon (pronounced “PRO-see-on.”). Made by the same company that publishes the popular 3DMark, Procyon has two modules. The first is a Photo Editing module that runs Photoshop and Lightroom Classic through a set of scripts. The second module measures Premiere Pro performance. The benchmark doesn’t have a free version and is priced mostly for professionals.

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Source: Core i7 vs. Ryzen 4000: Which mobile CPU is fastest in Photoshop, Premiere and Lightroom