Medieval battles
and Cosplay, ideas once lost
in society, have now been rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Because
of this, medieval weapons are bought from stores and businesses worldwide.
Although many enthusiasts purchase these weapons, whether fake or real,
majority of the purchasers have no clue how to actually utilize these weapons
in a battle reenactment or plain Cosplay. Shields, otherwise known as Bucklers,
may seem like dangerous weapons, but are pretty simple to use.

First of all, before you can engage in real combat,
the most important thing you need to know is if the weapons' weights that you
have in both hands are equal or somewhat equivalent. If the weapons' weights
are similar, they will be much easier to use. The enemy's strengths can also be
considered when choosing the appropriate shield. The weapon in your other hand,
which is most likely to be a type of sword such as a Rapier, should have the
same factors in consideration. Once you have selected your appropriate weapons
and followed the advice, you should be prepared equipment wise.

Second of all, how do you use a shield in combat? As
mentioned earlier, your shield needs to be carefully selected by numerous
differing factors. Once you have selected your shield, you will need to be
familiar with how to properly utilize it. If you are a right-handed person,
your shield should be in your left hand and vice versa. A shield's main purpose
is to block any attacks from the opponent. Therefore, the shield should be used
each time you cannot cut the opponent's attack with your own sword. Lifting the
shield to various heights can protect certain parts of your body. An example of
this is lifting it up to your face, to obviously, protect your face against any
blows. The shield can also be used for offense, which means attacking the
enemy. In ancient gladiator sports, the bottom of the shield was used mainly to
bash the opponent. The wooden or metal shields were also used to hit opponents.
The impact of the shields was similar to punching somebody with a pair of brass
knuckles. The only situation where offense using your shield would be necessary
is in a situation where your other weapon cannot be used anymore or in simple
terms, as a last resort.

To conclude, medieval weapons such as the shield and
sword are extremely ancient objects dating back as far as the Greeks and
Romans. These weapons are widely used today for battle reenactments and fan-based
Cosplay. Next time you take part in these events, you can relax knowing that
you are knowledgeable about how to use your shield for either defense or offense
and achieve great victory!

Source: Learning How to Really Use Your Shield