The Forge Folded Kumo (Cloud) Samurai Katana Sword is a stunning sword with high-quality fittings, mounting, and blade quality. The blade is forged of high carbon 1070 steel that has been folded to create more than 7800 layers of folded steel with Kobuse lamination over an iron core. The jigane has a mokume hada or wood grain appearance. It is highly polished with a darkened jigane, whitened ha, and crisply defined yokote and kissaki. The habaki is made of silver-coated bronze, which features the Maruni Chigai Takanoha mon also known as the crossed feathers family crest. The tsuba, fuchi, kashira, and menuki are made of bronze and silver coated. It has a high-quality saya with higher quality genuine ray skin with polished buffalo horn koiguchi, kurikata, and kojiri. This sword has a very balanced feel in the hand and with the excellent silver-plated fittings, finely forge folded steel, and amazing hand polish it is sure to be a centerpiece for your sword collection.

Detailed Specs of the Forge Folded Kaiyou Ocean Samurai Katana Sword:

Blade: The blade has been constructed of differentially hardened forge folded 1070 steel with over 6,800 layers to create a stunning blade. The folding of the steel creates a very fine-grained mokume hada, which is brought out by the high-quality hand polish using Japanese water stones, which is very reminiscent of a kesho or hadori polish. It is laminated in the kobuse style over an iron core. The shinogi is polished and the shinogi-ji is very crisp and defined. The kissaki has a well defined and sharp yokote line and is properly polished to be a white color with a discernable boshi and hada.

Saya: The saya is very well made starting with high-quality hardwood with a samegawa ray skin wrap that shows off the sanded down emperor's node, as well as genuine buffalo horn koiguchi, kurikata, and kojiri. The sageo is a high-quality Japanese imported black and white thick silk sageo.

Koshirae: The habaki is made of silver-coated bronze with the crossed feathers family crest engraved on both sides with silver-plated bronze Seppa. The tsuba has been made of bronze which is then silver coated, blackened, and polished to achieve a stunning high-quality finish. It features a hand-hammered and polished tsuchime Mimi (rim) with a stormy sea center relief. The fuchi and kashira are also made of silver-coated bronze with finely detailed ishime stone texturing and polished edge ring to match the tsuba. The menuki is antiqued silver-plated bronze in a stormy boat design with samurai passengers. The tsuka is wrapped in Japanese imported silk in a mix of hiramaki and hinerimaki with the menuki tied over the ito to help show off the details of the menuki. The samegawa is higher quality genuine ray skin.


 Sword Type: Battoh Shinken (Razor Sharp Katana)
- Sword Weight: 1.1kilo / 2lbs4oz (Without Saya) (28 inch Blade)
- Overall: 105cm / 40inch with Saya (Scabbard) (28 inch Blade)
- Balde Shape: Shinogi Zukuri Style
- Boshi: Omaru
- Hada: Itame
- Hamon: Gunome
= Sori(Curvature): 2.2cm(28.4 inch), 2.3cm(29 inch), & 2.4cm(30 inch)
- Saki-Haba: 4.3mm
- Moto-Kasane(at Habaki): 6.3mm
- Hoto-Haba(at Habaki): 34mm
- Nagasa(Blade length): 2.37 Shaku / 28.4 inch [also have (2.45 Shaku/29 inch) & (2.5 Shaku/30 inch) blades available upon request&91;
- Tsuka(Handle length): 8.75 Sun / 10.5 inch [also have (9.25 Sun/11 Inch), (9.7 Sun/11.5 Inch) & (10 Sun/12 inch) handles available upon request)
- Blade Made: SkyJiro Forge’s .70 Traditional Proprietary Carbon Content Folded Steel (Kobuse Construction with Iron Core & 6700 Layers)
- Yaki(Hardness): SkyJiro Forge’s Superior Differential Clay Technique (Traditional Japanese Method )
- Blade Polish: SkyJiro Forge’s Superior Hand-Mirror Polish, with Japanese Water Stone and Finger Stone Finish
- Kanagu(Tsuba/Fuchi/Kashira/ Menuki): SkyJiro Forge’s Pure White Bronze
- Habaki/Seppas: SkyJiro Forge’s Pure White Bronze
- Tsuka: Samé (Stingray Skin) over Premium Dried Hard Wood Handle
- Tsuka Ito/Sageo: Premium Pure Japanese Silk
- Mekugi: 2x Aged Bamboo Pins
- Saya(Scabbard): Premium Grade Dried Hard Wood & Lacquer with Full Set of Premium Water Buffalo-Horn Fittings

Special Note: SkyJiro Forge’s "Premium Quality"” Fully Functional Hand-Made Premium High Carbon Folded Steel Sword with Genuine Japanese Hamon, Traditional japanese technique Kobuse Construction & Razor Sharp Ha (Edge).” “These swords are guaranteed to cut Tatami!”

Note: Sword stand sold separately.

Source: Skyjiro Brand S6 Kumo Cloud Hand Forged Folded Kobuse Lamination Blade Samurai Katana Sword