Does It Matter?

"Strength isn’t All That Matters When It Comes to
Using a Sword" is an assertion that has become predominant with this
combative hobby. In more basic terms, it
can be said that the weaker combatant can easily defeat his or her stronger
opponent. In unearthing the reality
behind this claim, the article will delve into showing that move-sets,
techniques and even speed play a pivotal role for any student of the world of sword dueling.

Evidently, Yes!

In demystifying the notion that strength matters more
in sword combat, is the portrayal that a lighter person who seems weaker can
defeat a stronger opponent. How? As a sword enthusiast, you can look at this
scenario where you are being trained by a smaller, yet an advanced person and
shockingly the size and strength advantaged got negated by them who seemed
weaker and lighter. Such gives a new
perspective on how sword fighting overcomes the strength difference through one
thing, and that is technique.

Technique and Speed Play Huge Roles

Talking about technique brings a lot of aspects in
place, but in this, let the focus be on game plan. With a proper game plan, a seemingly weaker
individual will roll stronger people. Using
a tactical plan, they will just seek to stay comfortable in positions of the
control. They will immediately shift to
closed guard any time they need to regain focus. They will, therefore, maintain a dominant
position for long gaining stability as the stronger opponent struggles to roll
them over. At such instances, the weaker
combatant will concentrate on shutting them down early faster rather than
engaging in defense. Even as the
stronger opponent tends to trump all the sword mechanics and leverage that the
weaker combatant uses, he will just maintain his dominant position, just ready
to strike as the stronger person struggles to learn where to be comfortable
using their sword.

The Kind of Move-set is Key

Next, are the move-set that the weaker persons can
find alluring and easy to use in defeating their opponents. From a direct thrust to a quick block and
counter, to keep your feet moving and your sword direction in perfect harmony
with your moves, there are ways to utilize different move-sets to win a sword

Quick Final Thoughts

A blend of technique,
speed, and an accurate and efficient move-set will ensure that even as you get
perceived as a weaker combatant, you can still use these provisions to have a
mechanical advantage over the stronger opponent as you further amplify your
input force by a little of your sheer strength. At the end of the day, the totality that
exists with success in sword fighting is just a dichotomy of various aspects
such as technique and move-sets, and not strength in entirety.

Source: Strength isn’t All That Matters When It Comes to Using a Sword