Selecting a
stance is an essential tool for any sword fighter. A stance is a personal thing, and although some may
seem indistinguishable, some stances are not always identical to each other. Every sword enthusiast has divergent physique
sizes and body types; therefore, stances will vary from person-to-person.

People also
have different preferences, and fighting styles, so make sure to select a sword
that makes you feel comfortable to hold and confident to use. Insisting on a stance that makes you feel
awkward and fixed isn't something we recommend.

Full Front

The full
front stance is a pretty standard stance used in sword fighting. It’s similar to a lunge, the shoulders face
forward while the leading leg is bent at your knee the back leg is kept
completely straight. Not only does this
stance provide extremely limited openings for the opponent, but it also grants
a huge amount of power onward towards them.

This stance
can allow you to take the offensive, which is extremely beneficial. Upon using this stance and going for your
opponent, it isn't easy for them to have their sword target a specific
position, thus, allowing you to dominate your opponent, no matter the area.

Outfighting Sword Stance

The Primary
Outfighting stance is a commonly used, as you stand with feet shoulder width
apart, chin down, and eyes straight and focused. Make sure to move along on the toes, for a
better as well as faster reaction. Keep
your dominant hand back, with the opposite foot forward. The objective in this
case is to knock the sword out of your opponent’s hand. That way, you will not have to worry about potential
counters. Modification of this stance
depends on one’s abilities.

Side on Stance

yourself so that your preferred leg is forward. The opposite leg should be shoulder width
apart and somewhat arched. You want
about 3/5 of your body weight to be reliant on the rear leg. It’s essential that your legs and feet are
alongside each other. The reason this
stance is a highly effective one for sword dueling or jousting is because it
allows hardly any openings to your opponent.

Find a Stance
That Work for You

All these
stances are the best for sword fighters and trainees because of how easy they
are to grasp, whether it be a beginner or an experienced sword duelist. Also, these stances provide both offense and defense.

Source: Best Sword Fighting Styles