ubbthreads 7.7.3 contained no fixes and with patches was skipped.

UBB.threads 7.7.3 has been released and is now available to download in the Member Area.
Version 7.7.3 includes a critical fix for Member Searches from within the Control Panel which may stall or crash the PHP job due to a poorly written SQL query. It is recommended that you upgrade to version 7.7.3.

Primary Changes In This Release

Login using Email Address or Login Name.
Automatic image orientation fixes for post attachments.
Option to simplify downloading of attached/gallery images.
ShoutChat intro for comment guidelines.
Improved admin log operation names and descriptions.
Improved Error & Not Found pages, now with search box.
Geo-IP and IP address lookups in new registration notifications.
Admin logging of SFS detection for bad Email/IP addresses at login.
Member Search within the control panel is fixed.
Updated several libraries and assets.
Cleanup of templates, CSS files, and UBB JavaScript files.
More bug squashing and some minor layout updates.

David Cottle

UBB Owner & Administrator