I believe kefir milk to be the king of probiotics. king I say this due to the research and testimonials I've read, but mostly from my own experience that has created a knowing within me.

I am not a fan of the taste of soured dairy products. (Soured vegetables, yes!) coolpeace So when I say kefir milk, which tastes like a lightly soured yeasty buttermilk, is king, it is not because I wanted to believe this. I even dropped kefir milk for a week thinking I might just stick with kefir water, but I soon noticed a decline in the health improvements I had been experiencing, so I brought the kefir milk right back in and I have vowed to keep it in.

The health improvements for me are a PH balance in my body. This affects my skin and digestion very noticeably. Good balance for me = good skin, good digestion, and significantly less allergic reactions.

The other thing about kefir milk that makes it important is, that according to the research I have read (and I choose to believe it), there are more strains of helpful bacteria in kefir milk than in other probiotic foods. And further, whilst the good bacteria in yoghurt helps to break down food during digestion and makes the whole process much kinder and helpful to the body, with kefir milk, the good bacteria take up residence in the digestive tract becoming part of its lining and therefore always on guard and at work to help with efficient digestion and the killing of any harmful bacteria that comes along.

And I believe that the good yeasts in kefir are important in fighting the opportunistic yeasts in the body that can take over, like candida which causes thrush, athlete's foot, etc. I feel that this may harken to the principle of treating like with like (similar to homeopathy).