If you aren't into brewing your cultures and making your own probiotic foods, here is a great way to get some into your tummy!

Elivae Yoghurt contains bifidobacterium which help prevent growth of unfavourable organisms in the body such as opportunistic yeasts. They also help protect against gastrointestinal infections, promote healthy function of the digestive system, aid in vitamin absorption, and enhance overall immunity. And by decomposing particular carcinogens, bifidobacterium probably decrease the risk of cancer.
Elivae also contains prebiotics - natural fibre that nourishes good bacteria so they remain active. cheeky

I have only had a few servings of Elivae so far, but my sixth-sense was immediately pleased. I could detect the good bacteria in it and it felt harmonious. I wanted to eat more of it later, which bolstered my initial response that it was the right food for me.

Jalna is also a good yoghurt. Now that I've had Elivae which I really enjoy and is low-fat, I might try low-fat Jalna as the regular Jalna is a bit rich.

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