I've decided to change this forum to a general concept of food and eating. I was inspired to do this because of the many spiritual messages I've received about food and because of my own obsession with food-comfort, my disdain of societies idealization of weight, and my continuing belief in living food and its symbolic and literal importance. Food is a part of my spiritual growth.

One of the main things about food is the concept of "eating knowledge". I see the vampire as eating knowledge (as opposed blood or flesh). His mouth is usually like an eye, as if all he sees he eats. I also have had several altered conscious experiences in which I meet a host of entities that see through me and are thereby "nourished" by me. I use lots of quotes quotes here because many words are so subjective and multiple in meaning.

I just now realized how synchronistic it is that I chose an apple as an icon for this forum because this ties in with eating from the tree of knowledge. (No wonder I have had the phrase "forbidden fruit" running through my mind for days - precog to this moment in time).

Also one of my greatest joys and pleasures in life is food. I have a strong hunger for delicious food and rich knowledge. At some point along my journey I decided to stop controlling my eating (with the exception of trying to eat more living foods as that is a new, unfamiliar thing for me, yet I've come to believe it is important so I have to try). I now cook with butter and all things that old, delicious recipes call for. No cutting butter, sugar, etc., and wow, don't meals now taste satisfying, delicious, rich, complex! A joy to cook and eat.

Now that I have opened up this forum category to include all food, I have so much swirling through my mind to share. And as always, I look forward to everyone else's views and experiences, so please share!

Cheers! drinks
Bon Appetit! eat

P.S. Inspirational reading Nil By Mouth a blog entry by Roger Ebert who is no longer able to eat or drink. It is a fascinating, and ironically "filling" read. Bless.

P.S.S. One of my all-time favourite books: Fat Girl, by Judith Moore. (Excerpt) heartbeat