Version 7.7.1 includes several critical fixes when used with PHP 7.1 and newer. It is highly recommended that you upgrade from version 7.7.0 to 7.7.1.

Primary Changes In This Release

Fixed error when manually approving new members.
Fixed error when exporting a list of email addresses to email.
Fixed error when setting the public posts and private message Subject length outside of range.
Fixed error when customizing the posts and topics per page outside range, within the Member Editor.
Fixed creation of CREATE_NEWS permission columns during new installs of v7.7.0.
Fixed email notification where sometimes the salutation would be missing the member name.
Fixed error when sending registration email to new members.
Fixed display of the referrer icon next to the member name on the Who's Online page.
Reformatted and optimized all CSS files.

David Cottle

UBB Owner & Administrator