For almost a year now, I have stored my meagre amount of kefir water crystals in the fridge in a pint of filtered tap water. I didn't add any sugar to the storage water as I noted most users suggest (basically because spirit told me it only needed water).

Lately I have been having various body complaints - my lungs feel heavy and breathing is difficult as if I have a cold, amongst other things, including a bloated feeling. I queried spirit as to why and what I should do. The answer came to consume more "living" energy. So I resurrected my water crystals.

Last night, I decided to get started by drinking the cup of water the crystals had been stored in. The water had no smell and was crystal clear. The crystals were healthy and a little bit bigger than when I stored them a year ago. I tasted the water. It tasted like pure water, no slight taste of anything. I drank it and wished well the little entities in the water that they would enjoy their journey in my body and that my body would enjoy their presence and work.

I woke this morning feeling quite good and cleaner. My breathing is easy and I don't feel bloated. And I had to go straight to the toilet!

It makes me realize that when I do get tired of making the kefir water with sultanas, lemon and sugar, I can make it with just water and continue the amazing experience. clink