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I might be doing my maths wrong but ill give it a shot.
If ubi where to charge the turkish comunity an extra $5 a month they will need 25,000 Turkish subscribers willing to pay $65 a month just to cover the cost of $1,440,000 that lig tv are asking for.

This info is in no way affiliated with ubi.

hmm sounds quite resonable at least 25,000 paying $5 extra, better than $40, Liski is there any slight chance the you guys could put together a survey of how many people would be willing pay extra?? even if not 25,000 people the people who are interested have that amount divide how much extra would be needed to be payed,

becuase $40 extra is just scaring people away and sounds like UBI arnt that devoted to keeping ligtv when they give that as an example, i think a survey should be done through out the turkish comminty via channel 66 ex ligtv somehow