just come to think of it now, after a conversation with a friend,
UBI upped the price of ligtv with 2-3 weeks left of the turkish league...yess>??
when basically the champion and all teams postions in the league were declared and most the excitement was gone..

so why would people pay just for that 2-3 weeks extra a plus another 2months while the league is on break whilst the the only main reason people love Ligtv is to wach these games... thats an extra $30...

i strongly urge UBI to do a survey of how many people would like to see Ligtv back on its platform(of course committing to pay for it) and redo a quote of how much extrra to pay for the amount of people intersted, they should quote in there survey the more people the lesser people will pay extra, as mentioned earlier $40 extra a month is just ridicoulously out of the question!!