If another company was to start you can be sure it wouldn't carry any of the channels currently part of the UBI Turkish Package as they are exclusive and on a long term contract unlike Lig TV which only want a year to year contract as stated by the UBI Chairman at the press conference in front of the Australian Turkish media.

If this so could new company plans to launch I hope they take a look at the licence fees, satellite transponder space to carry the channels over here (eg. Telstar 10 - there is no direct hop from Europe to Australia) plus transponder rental in Australia (eg. Optus B3) and then all the other associated business costs.

This rumour of a new Turkish DTH provider has been brewing since the collapse of TARBS and originated in Melbourne and till this day nothing has been done as they know how hard it is and in the end will end up loosing money in the venture.

Competition is good and would be good as it would give a choice to the Turkish company but I highly doubt they'd survive.

Why would UBI want to increase the price of Lig TV themselves and in return hurt the Turkish community who have been loyal to UBI since the start? Someone is lying here and I can guarantee you it's not UBI. Ask yourself again, why would UBI want to increase the price of Lig TV on it's own if DigiTurk haven't requested a increase in the licence fee? Don't you think that if it was UBI that was pushing for a higher price that DigiTurk would be happier with a higher royalty being paid to them? Just step back a minute and use some logic and wonder how could UBI be the one requesting a higher fee on it's own.

When a new contract is being renewed and the content owner doesn't request a increase in the licence fee then why would the broadcaster request a higher fee from subscribers? Makes sense? Nope!

I do know there is quite a few channels in Turkey but you need to ask yourself how many of them are actually quality channels, have clearance and would have enough content to sustain being broadcaster in Australia? Euro Star was the last channel we added due to the fact that it finally launched an international version. The D-Smart line up as quite a few good channels we could look at getting since UBI have a very good relationship with the Kanal D owner.

I highly doubt you will see Lig TV on Foxtel. The only thing I could imagine would be to see UBI Turkish channels on Foxtel.

Also calling the UBI Call Centre and abusing staff is not on! The kind of foul language given to the staff is not something that someone should be exposed to.

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